How can video podcasts benefit your business?

Video podcasts are trending upwards, and this has led to a whole new arena of advertisement opportunities for businesses. 

Video podcasts are no longer limited to only entertainment accounts such as The Joe Rogan Experience or H3 Podcasts, now they are being used as an effective way for companies to advertise their brand. 

To prove to you just how effective video podcasts can be for your advertisement here is a list of six points highlighting how they can benefit your business. 

One: Podcasts Are Personal

Podcasts are personal. They bring a friendly face to the name and let your customers hear a little bit about the company from the people behind it. Your video podcast can be used to connect customers to your business and allows you to develop a deeper connection with your audience. In a survey of 3,000,000 podcast listeners, 63% stated that they bought the product which was promoted by the show host. 

Two: Podcasts Allow You To Share Your Knowledge

Podcasts allow you to share knowledge with your target audience and to reach more people. Your company can upload the video podcasts they have recorded onto various platforms and can attract more visibility for your brand. 

Three: They Provide Significant Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Benefits

Podcasts provide significant Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) benefits. Through a podcast transcript you can make sure you are using key words in order to drive more traffic to your website. 

Four: Podcasts Are Very Engaging

Podcasts are very engaging. All your customers need to do is play and listen which can be done while they go for a run or go grocery shopping. In the UK an average of around 6.5 million people listen to podcasts weekly. These figures continue to increase as podcasts become more and more popular. 

Five: You Can Post Video Podcasts Onto Multiple Social Media Platforms

You can take your long form video podcast and reduce it to short clips which can then be posted on Instagram stories, Facebook stories and other social media platforms. 

Six: Podcasts Are VERY Effective In Advertising Your Business

Podcasts are proving to be more effective in advertising your business than any other content such as an Instagram post, a Facebook post or a Tweet. Additionally, they increase traffic to your website. In a survey of 300,000 podcast listeners, over 70% said they had visited the company’s website after listening to the podcast.

Seven: Podcasts Are More Interactive Than Other Types Of Content

Podcasts are more interactive than other forms of content such as Instagram posts. There are lots of ways to get your listeners to feel involved in the podcast such as asking questions and asking people to answer them on your social media platforms. You could also run competitions for your listeners to be a part of.

Eight: All Topics Are Welcome

Whether you are a sales company or tech or marketing, there is a platform for you. No topic is too niche. 

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