Our Studios

Studio One

Our sound isolated main studio is fitted with GIK acoustic treatment, 4 desk mounted Shure SM7Bs, studio monitoring headphones with adjustable levels, our oval podcasting table surrounded by a 4K multi camera setup, product showcase desk with an overhead camera rig, professional studio lighting, an optional green screen and fully customisable lighting.

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Editing Suite

A quiet space to chill in-between sets, where you can use our Apple iMac's, loaded with software useful for fine tuning and assembling your work.

Try your hand at editing your own content!

Light Box

Are you wanting to take high quality shots of your products?

Take them yourself or allow our in-house photographer to capture them for you.

Green Screen

Shooting in front of a green screen allows you to completely change your background to anything and anywhere!

Do you want your branding in shot, or do you want to appear to be standing on top of a mountain?

No matter your requirements, green screen filming makes anything possible.

Want to Take Your Online Presence

to The Next Level?